How to build a factory with zero waste

The Industrial Equipment Industries Association, or IEIA, has been in talks with the Environmental Protection Agency to develop a standard for industrial equipment manufacturing, according to a letter from the group’s president, Bob Jones.

The IEIA is a trade group representing more than 100 industries.

Jones wrote that the IEIA has worked with EPA on the development of the industrial equipment standards, which are expected to be completed by the end of this year.

The letter is dated Jan. 18.

The EPA is expected to finalize the standards next year, Jones wrote.

“IEIA has been involved in the drafting of a national standard for this industry, but we have not yet completed this work,” Jones wrote in the letter.

“We will be making further efforts to work with the EPA to finalizing a national industrial equipment standard.”

The IEIG has said it hopes to release a draft of the standards in the spring.

The letters come as manufacturers of energy-efficient machines and other machinery are looking for ways to reduce waste.

Some manufacturers are also looking to eliminate or minimize their use of waste, as they struggle to get the machines to meet the EPA’s new requirements.

The Environmental Protection Administration announced last month that it was ending the rule requiring manufacturers to reduce the amount of energy they use in manufacturing their products, which was first issued in 2005.

The rule requires manufacturers to produce their equipment with the least energy-intensive production methods available, which include using materials that don’t use electricity and using machines that don.

Jones’ letter to EPA chief Scott Pruitt says the IEIG is looking for a federal government program to help with waste management, but did not specify what kind of program the IEI has in mind.

The organization is also looking for funding to help manufacturers meet the new EPA standards.

The group said it wants to “build a better industry.”

EPA spokeswoman Laura Schlessinger said the IE IG has no funding from the EPA and was looking for help from the industry to do this.

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