What you need to know about the coronavirus

Industrial equipment, industrial plumbing equipment and CC industrial equipment are among the equipment listed on the Commonwealth Games’ list of equipment not to use.

But they are not the only ones.

The Victorian Government’s guidelines on coronaviruses, which have been issued to all Victorian public schools, also warn against the use of CC industrial machinery and industrial plumbing.

The guidelines state:The Commonwealth Games and its partner organisations, the Commonwealth Foundation and the Victorian Government are responsible for ensuring all venues and participants comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations, including those relating to health and safety and the environment.

This includes the Commonwealths guidelines for the manufacture and importation of industrial equipment.

The Commonwealth Foundation is responsible for the safe use of all CC industrial machines and the manufacture of all industrial plumbing products.

There is no specific recommendation for the use and/or manufacture of industrial plumbing machinery, but the Commonwealth’s guidelines for manufacturing, importing and exporting of CC machinery are available.

A Commonwealth spokesperson said it is up to each individual venue to determine the appropriate safety requirements and processes.

“All venues should have all of their processes and procedures in place to ensure safety,” the spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for the Victorian Health Authority said that if an individual is at risk, there are a number of steps they can take.

They include providing a written report to the Victorian Coronavirus Taskforce, which can be accessed at www.vhaz.vic.gov.au/vhaf/vahaz.html.

It is recommended that a venue’s health and hygiene officer, who is trained to monitor, test and record the safety and health of participants, be notified immediately of any incident.

A public health response team, such as one that will be trained to administer a drug test, can also be called upon to assist the public health team, the spokesperson added.

However, there is no suggestion that the venue’s safety response team should be asked to perform this duty.

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