Why Google’s ‘Project Ara’ isn’t ready for prime time

The Android maker has confirmed that the first smartphone powered by the company’s new modular smartphone architecture is “not ready” for prime-time, as a launch is still years away.

Speaking to Reuters at the end of a two-day event in New York, Google’s head of product marketing, Michael DeBartolo, told reporters that the company is “still looking for the right time for this to happen”.

“We want to deliver products that are going to be ready for the prime-times,” he said.

“We’re still looking at the right timeframe, but the timing is right.”

DeBartoli said the team had spent the last two years “investigating what is the best platform for the smartphone market”, adding that “the first product is not ready for primetime”.

“There are lots of other devices, we’re still in the middle of those experiments, but we’re definitely at the point where we’re at right now,” he told reporters.

“It’s not yet ready for Prime-Times.

We still have a lot of work to do.”

DeMento said that he was not aware of any other manufacturers developing their own modular smartphones.

Google’s modular smartphone platform, the modular phone, is a design that combines the technology of two phones to create a single device.

The modular phone is designed to offer a phone that is modular, meaning that it can be used to build a variety of different phones using different components, including modules that can be stacked together.

The company says that a modular phone can also be designed to be used for a variety, but not all, of the phone’s functions, such as camera, speaker, and microphone.

The Google modular phone platform uses a modular form factor, meaning it can accommodate any phone with a smartphone display, which is often made up of separate parts.

The design has the ability to accommodate devices that are too small to fit into a smartphone, such a compact phone, which can be mounted on a wall or attached to a car.

Google says the modular smartphone will be available in 2017.

Google has been working on the modular smartphones since 2015.

The device is designed so that it’s modular in the sense that it has different components that can all be stacked on top of each other, but it’s not designed for a full phone.

“In order to make modular phones, you need to design a modular device that has different functions,” DeBartsolo said.

“So, we designed the modular device to be flexible.”

So, it’s a flexible device that can do different things.

You can have a camera module, you can have speakers module, it can have microphones module, and it can do all these different things.

“DeFronzo said the modular phones are designed to allow consumers to be able to choose which modules they want to use and can also support different functions.”

Google’s goal with the modular system is to offer modular phones to consumers who want to take their phones apart to see how they work.””

You can also have sensors that can measure temperature, humidity, and humidity.”

Google’s goal with the modular system is to offer modular phones to consumers who want to take their phones apart to see how they work.

“Our goal is to create an experience that is more comfortable for people to take apart their phones and really learn how it all works,” DeFronzos said.

DeBartenolo told Reuters that the modular design is designed “to have the flexibility of having different modules on different surfaces”.

“And then, we also wanted to make sure that it was easy to swap modules on the fly,” he added.

“And if we needed to add new modules, we could just add new hardware that we would also swap on the go.”

All of these elements work together to make a very modular phone.

“The modular smartphone is also designed to support a range of different phone sizes, from phones up to a phonebook sized device.

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