How to keep the air clean with a simple filter

A simple filter is a great tool to keep air clean, but they are also often used to keep out nasty odors from your home.

Here’s how to install a simple one in your home to keep your air clean.


Remove the plastic lid.

Most people remove their air filter with a paper towel, which is pretty easy.

But if you’re like most people, you may need to open the filter with the help of a pliers or your fingers.

Remove it with the aid of a screwdriver.

It should look like this:Remove the plastic cap, then peel off the plastic liner.

If you’ve got the proper tools, you can peel it off too.


Fill the filter to the top.

You want to fill the filter up to the surface of the filter.

If the filter is slightly smaller than that, the plastic may be thicker and will not easily slide off.


Place the filter inside a clean, dry, and airtight container.

Use the screwdriver or pliers to get the filter out of the container.4.

Insert the filter into the container, seal the lid with the lid liner, and put the lid back on the filter (see below).5.

Remove all of the filters from the container and let them air dry.6.

Let air dry in the area you want to keep clean, then put the filter back in the container (see above).

The filter should stay in place and the air should be filtered and circulating, and the odors will go away.7.

Let the air dry for a few hours.8.

After the air is dried, remove the filter from the bottle.9.

The filter can be reused.10.

You can replace the filter in a few months if you want.

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