How to play: The perfect defence

In today’s Football Italian, we take a look at how to defend a goal, whether you are defending a corner, a header, or a penalty.

For the goalkeepers, the idea of having a good balance is important.

There are two main aspects to defence.

The first is to keep the ball, the second is to make sure that the ball is not moved in any way.

Here is how to play it. 1.

If you are facing a forward pass, try to stay wide to help the pass come through the defence.

If the ball comes from behind the goal line, or from the back, try not to pass it back.

If it comes from inside the box, try and get the ball to a teammate, or move it towards the back of the goal.

If there is no one near the back and the ball was played on the half-volley, try it again.


If a forward passes from the right, try the same thing as above.

If he passes the ball from the left, make sure to move it to the back.


If no one is close to the goal, make your way towards the goal and try to stop the pass.


If, on the other hand, there is a forward passing towards you, then you have to keep your balance and make sure you don’t allow him to pass you.

The goalkeeper will have to do a great job to keep a tight line in front of him, and if he does that, you will have the best chance of stopping him.


Keep your balance if the ball passes over you.

If not, then, the goalkeeper will not have much of an option.

The goalkeeper will have no choice but to keep his balance and prevent the forward passing, even if the forward is in a dangerous position.

This means you must have a good understanding of the player and his technique, as well as the goalkeeper’s position.

Here are some tips for defenders, as they play this part of the game.

1: Don’t pass.

If possible, don’t pass the ball forward, you can get an advantage if the keeper is caught by the ball.

If they pass the pass to the forward, they will usually have the ball at their feet.

2: Don´t touch the ball as soon as you touch it.

If your opponent makes a good pass, you should keep the pressure on the ball and try not touch it again, as the ball will fall in. 3: Do not try to beat the goalkeeper.

If that happens, you have made your opponent´s job much easier.

4: If you have no idea what is going on, play the ball slowly.

If someone is running and is moving very quickly, play it very slowly, as you don´t want to get caught by them.

5: When you have possession, make a breakaway.

The only way to do this is to be on the front foot.

If people are not on the same level, then there is nothing you can do, so make sure the keeper doesn´t see you coming.

In the final third, try your best to make your teammates do the same.

6: If there are no players on the opposite side, play a short pass from the centre to the outside of the penalty area.

The more players on either side, the easier it is for the keeper to hold up the line.

If players are coming from the outside, then try to make the keeper play his position as far back as possible, while also giving your teammates an easy opportunity to play a pass.

7: Don`t overcommit.

You have to play your game with the ball in your hand, as there is always room for mistakes.

If something goes wrong, do not give in to it and take the ball back.

The ball is a precious possession, and you should always make sure your teammates can make the most of it. 8: Don�t overplay the ball if it is your only option.

When you do, it can be hard to make them take the initiative.

If this happens, just play the pass again, or pass it into the penalty.

9: If a player is chasing you, play your pass again.

If more players are chasing you than the other team, then it is important to try and hold up as many players as possible to allow the goalkeeper time to pass the play.

10: If the referee calls a foul, try again to hold the ball up.

If only one player is trying to hold it up, try another pass.

11: Don t let your team get caught out.

If everyone in the team is running, try getting everyone to run at the same time, as this will make the defenders more vulnerable.

If all the defenders are running, you may need to use your backline to hold everyone together.

12: If someone passes the pass, be sure to give them the ball again.

13: If players get caught in

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