How the iPhone 7 Plus’ battery lasts longer than expected

We’ve already seen how much battery life the iPhone 6S lasted in the hands-on tests, and now we have another metric to add to the list.

The iPhone 7S is a lot more durable than its predecessor, with a claimed battery life of up to four days, according to Apple’s own numbers.

And according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is actually able to hold that power output for two days, compared to the iPhone 5s’ two days.

The numbers are based on the iPhone’s “core” battery, which contains all the components that power an iPhone, including the display, processor, RAM, storage, camera, and GPS chip.

The battery on the new iPhone is the same, except that Apple’s new “core-only” battery has a higher density of lithium ion batteries.

The battery that powers the iPhone has a much smaller number of cells than its predecessors, and has a capacity of around 300mAh instead of 600mAh.

To get the battery life numbers that Apple is touting, we’ve turned to a third-party lab that measured the performance of its iPhone 7’s battery.

It measured the cell density of its battery in a range of different conditions, including ambient temperatures, during different power draw and load conditions.

We measured the battery density of a third party battery in an iPhone 7 running in ambient temperatures between 15C and 25C and the device was set to sleep, a situation that usually results in lower battery performance.

The results show that the iPhone battery holds up to three times the capacity of a previous generation of iPhone batteries, but it takes nearly three times longer to reach the same level of performance as the iPhone 4S.

We also found that the battery lasts an average of one hour longer than the iPhone 2, and about one-half hour longer the iPhone 3.

The iPhone 3 lasted two hours longer than its successor, the iPhone 1S, which had a much larger battery.

For comparison, the battery capacity of an iPhone 4 is less than that of the iPhone SE, which has a larger battery and an even longer battery life.

The same iPhone 4 lasted for two hours less than the previous generation iPhone.

The new iPhone 7 also has better battery life than the older iPhone 7.

The latest iPhone 7 battery, the one in the iPhone 8, has a rating of up at 3,800mAh and a capacity that can go up to 6,000mAh.

The previous generation, the 1S in the 5C, has the capacity at 2,400mAh.iPhone 7 Plus batteries, by comparison, are rated at around 1,500mAh, a capacity well below the 2,000-mAh rated by the previous-generation iPhone 7, but still a good enough level to be able to power the iPhone in a long-term battery.

The power efficiency of the new iPhones battery is also better than the predecessor.

The new iPhone 6s is rated at 20 percent more efficient than the last-generation, but the iPhone X has a battery capacity rating of around 9 percent more.

The most energy-efficient phone on the market has a 5.7-percent battery capacity, and the iPhone 10, which is powered by a 12.7 percent battery, is rated for 9.6 percent efficiency.

Apple also claims that the new batteries are 10 percent more energy efficient than last-gen batteries, which may explain why it’s able to go as long as it does with the iPhone.

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