Alibaba Industrial Equipment Orders $2B in 3Q Earnings

Bloomberg – The global e-commerce giant Alibaba, which has a $1.8 billion stake in online shopping site Shopify, reported third-quarter earnings Thursday, and reported revenue that rose 27% to $4.1 billion.

Alibaba’s Q3 profit rose to $2.4 billion from $2 billion.

Sales of Alibaba equipment and equipment and other industrial equipment rose 14% to 1.2 billion units, up from a loss of 6% in the same period a year earlier.

Alibaba said it was pleased with its performance, noting that the growth in Alibaba’s sales helped it to become the largest marketplace for industrial equipment and the largest producer of industrial machinery.

Alibaba did not disclose its operating income.

Alibaba has struggled to stay relevant as online shopping expands and consumers shift their shopping to cheaper services.

The company is also struggling to remain profitable, as its revenue grew more slowly than expected.

Alibaba is now selling a wider range of products than ever before.

Its apparel, shoes and accessories business, for example, was worth $4 billion in the quarter ended March 31.

Alibaba plans to sell more than 100 million goods in the first half of 2020, according to Alibaba.

Alibaba was founded in 2003 by Jack Ma, the co-founder of, and Jack Ma joined Alibaba in 2014.

Alibaba shares rose 12% to 12,826 yuan (HK$1,933) in Shanghai Thursday, after the company posted a second-quarter profit of $2,735 million.

Alibaba, the world’s second-largest online shopping platform, has been struggling to find ways to grow its business as consumers shift to cheaper online services.

Alibaba recently opened a new branch of its Chinese e-book store in New York.

Alibaba employs more than 4,000 people worldwide.

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