How the recycling industry is evolving

A new recycling company has been created in an attempt to reduce the waste and protect the environment.

The American Recycling Association (ARC) is a nonprofit organization that helps businesses and individuals reuse and recycle materials.

It launched its first recycling program in the Midwest in 2017, with the goal of creating an environment where consumers can buy and reuse household items that will make their communities more sustainable and green.

The company’s latest product, called Recycled-Bamboo, is a reusable plastic bag that recycles bamboo and bamboo products.

The bag is made from bamboo and is filled with materials like plastic bags, glass, aluminum, plastic wrap, paper, aluminum foil, glassware, scrap metal, and wood.

The company’s website explains that it will also help the environment by creating “reusable products” for the home and businesses.

“It will be able to provide recycling solutions that have a lower environmental impact, reduce waste and pollution, and can be recycled into new products for our communities,” the company’s marketing materials state.

It was announced in February that the ARC was launching a new program in Illinois to help reduce the amount of recyclable materials in the country.

It has been called “The Recycler for Illinois.”

The ARC says it plans to launch the program in two phases.

First, it will help companies “build their capacity to reuse and recyclate” their products, and then it will work with local businesses to provide new materials to companies that can help them “save and reuse more.”

The Illinois Recyclers Association said it will “provide assistance to businesses, nonprofits, and individuals who are interested in recycling and reuse.”

In the second phase, it said it plans “to work with businesses and nonprofits to make recycled materials available in their communities.”ARC President and CEO, Michael O’Keefe, said that the new program is designed to “help companies take advantage of the tremendous opportunity of the digital economy to create a sustainable, low-carbon environment for consumers.”

“This program is part of our strategy to help companies make their products more environmentally friendly and to create jobs for local businesses and residents,” O’Keefe said in a statement.

“Our hope is that the Illinois Recycle program will provide more jobs and economic opportunities for Illinois’ residents,” he added.

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