How to make a solar energy-powered fridge

A solar-powered refrigerator with a fridge in it.

(credit: Keren Karsh/Keren Kresh/Flickr)The solar-power-based fridge may seem like a futuristic concept, but its technology could soon be a reality.

The Israel Energy Agency (IAA) is developing a new type of industrial equipment with the goal of powering the industrial sectors of the country.

In this article, we’ll explore how it all comes together and what’s at stake.

Solar energy is currently a very small part of Israel’s electricity system, and this is why its the first industrial technology in the country to go into commercial use.

Israel has an extremely high number of solar-energy-powered industrial machinery, like solar-panel farms and the like, that can help the country meet its renewable energy goals.

The industrial sectors, where solar power is used, generate enough electricity to power almost a quarter of the electricity consumption in Israel.

In the past few years, solar-related industries have also become more important in the Israeli economy, due to the country’s high number, in particular of large-scale solar projects.

Israel’s government is also working on new industrial technologies.

Last year, the country was awarded a contract worth $5 billion to build and operate a solar-thermal farm.

This project aims to generate 50% of Israel´s electricity from renewable energy.

The new solar-electricity-powered refrigerators are just one of the technologies that could help power the Israeli energy sector.

It is also worth mentioning that Israel is developing an innovative, renewable energy-generating device.

It has already been found to be able to generate power from wind, water, and sunlight, and now, a new version of the device has been found as well.

This new version, called a solar solar thermal energy harvesting device, can be used to generate electricity.

This device uses solar energy, which is harvested by a small solar panel.

It uses an existing technology to generate energy from sunlight, which in turn is converted into electricity.

The concept of this new device is that it can capture sunlight and turn it into electricity, as well as convert sunlight into energy.

This new version is called a renewable energy harvesting unit.

This technology is similar to the energy-harvesting devices currently being used in the United States.

This is why the IAA is now working on an improved version of this technology, which will be used for renewable energy projects.

The Israeli government is currently working on a new industrial technology that will help power its electricity-generators, which are currently used to supply power to the industrial sector.

This solar-driven industrial refrigerators will help the Israeli government generate 50 percent of its electricity from renewables.

The solar solar-fueled refrigerators could be a major development for the Israeli electricity industry, which depends heavily on solar power.

Israel currently imports over 80 percent of the solar-generated electricity from abroad, which makes it one of Israels biggest sources of electricity imports.

The cost of electricity in Israel, as of March, was around $3.20 per kilowatt-hour.

That is lower than other countries, and its lower than most countries, but it still puts Israel in the top 10 countries in terms of energy imports.

Israel is also the largest buyer of solar power globally.

It could become possible to produce 50 percent more energy in Israel with solar energy than with traditional energy sources, like wind or solar thermal.

It could also be a solution to the growing problem of climate change, which can only be solved by making energy-intensive industries more energy-efficient.

Israel could also benefit from using solar energy to generate more electricity.

Israel could use the solar energy for its own purposes, such as powering the electricity-generation machinery, or it could use it to provide power to its industrial sectors.

Solar power is becoming a key technology for Israel.

It can also be used by businesses in other countries.

This technology could make a big difference in the industrial electricity sector of Israel.

The technology could help Israel produce more electricity and reduce the carbon footprint of the industrial infrastructure.

This article was originally published in the Jerusalem Post.

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