Which foods have been linked to cancer?

More articles Food-related cancer deaths have surged in the United States in the last two decades, with the overall number of people diagnosed with the disease growing by about 50 per cent over that period.

That’s despite a national emphasis on the importance of eating foods that don’t contain meat or dairy products, and the emergence of new ways of making healthier foods available.

The problem is that most Americans are unaware that they’re getting sick from eating these foods, which are also popular among their children.

“There is a perception that you can eat healthy foods and you won’t get cancer,” says Professor Jennifer Reiss, a clinical professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney and a senior author of the study.

“But there is no evidence to support that,” she says.

A key finding of the new study is that when it comes to cancers in people who eat meat and dairy products in large quantities, there is a link to the number of foods that were eaten.

In people who only ate one of these foods a week, the odds of getting a case of cancer were almost one in 100,000, compared to one in 13,000 in people whose diet contained three or more of these types of foods.

“It’s a huge, huge difference,” says Reiss.

“So much so that I think people should stop eating dairy products for a while.”

Eating more meat or cheese is also linked to higher risks of developing colorectal cancer, although this link isn’t statistically significant.

This means people who are able to get through meat, dairy and cheese on a regular basis, and who are not currently at high risk for cancer, may still be able to benefit from avoiding these foods.

And a number of studies have found that people who drink a lot of red wine and black coffee are at increased risk for colorerectal cancer.

The study authors have also looked at the links between diet and health, and concluded that people at risk of colon cancer should eat fewer processed foods and eat more fruits and vegetables.

But there’s no doubt that these foods are important for good health.

“These foods are not necessarily harmful,” says Dr. Richard Smith, a researcher at the Queensland University of Technology, in Brisbane.

“They can be good for people to keep in their diet.”

The researchers also found that high consumption of dairy products was linked to an increased risk of pancreatic cancer in people, and higher consumption of red meat and processed foods was linked with an increased rate of colorecctal and colorene cancers.

What can we do about it?

“What we need is a focus on the foods that are linked to a particular cancer risk,” says Smith.

“What’s not clear is whether those foods are associated with the cancer itself or whether there is some sort of mechanism of interaction between those foods and that risk.”

This is because the link between diet, cancer and health is so complex.

A review published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in March found that “there is a lack of data on the relationship between dietary fat and risk of colontocarcinoma, colorective cancer, or both”.

That means that, while the overall risk of cancer in adults remains relatively low, the impact of these factors on the risk of developing cancer is quite complex.

And the researchers say that a better understanding of how different foods can affect cancer risk is needed to help us better tailor food recommendations to help prevent it.

The findings of the New Scientist study were published online in the International Journal of Cancer on December 7.

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This story originally appeared on New Scientist.

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