When a new ‘industrial beer’ hits the market

The world of beer has changed in the last year or so.

For some people, the industry has been transformed, with the arrival of micro-breweries, micro-distilleries, and new varieties that promise a new take on beer.

But for others, there is still a sense that the old style is fading, especially with the new crop of beer coming out.

For many, the industrial beer craze is all about the flavour, and the flavour of malt.

It’s about getting the perfect balance of alcohol and hop flavours, while leaving the hop flavour to the palate.

And it’s about brewing the perfect beer to complement the beer, which is always the goal of every brewer.

But there are some who argue that the new breed of industrial beer is a little too dry, and should be served up in a light beer style, rather than a strong ale.

A new brewery has just opened in Dubai, called Al-Izz.

Dubai, a city of around 2 million people, is a great place to brew, and it has an abundance of microbreweries and craft breweries to choose from.

Al-Islah has just recently opened in the city, and is aiming to expand the taproom to meet the demand.

The company, which was founded by three former Al-Ahazm employees, plans to offer a range of beers to the public, from their most popular ales to IPAs, and even a seasonal beer that they’ve been brewing in collaboration with local chefs.

In addition to beer, Al- Izz also sells a range, from cocktails to hot dogs.

Their first offering, the Zikra, is an Imperial IPA brewed with Amarillo and Mosaic, while their Zikran is a light and refreshing wheat ale.

Al-Izas brewery was founded back in 2013 by three ex-Al-Ahazi employees who decided to create a microbrewery in Dubai.

They sold out their first brew in less than two months, and now have more than 2,000 bottles in their hands.

Al Izz is also selling a line of lager, as well as a range in other styles.

In the past year, Al Izas has released several different beers, including a variety of hoppy IPAs and hoppy ales.

The beer is made with malt and hops from the Al- Ahazm plant in the UAE.

It is an algal hop and barley blend, and uses the traditional method of fermenting yeast and carbon dioxide.

The company recently added a new beer, the Al Jazim, to the menu, a beer made from the malt of Al-Jazim wheat.

The brew was launched at a special event in Dubai earlier this year, and will be available at a limited number of bars in the area.

It’s easy to see why some people are looking for a more modern take on their favourite beer.

Aged in bourbon barrels, this style is known for its dry and spicy finish.

Al Jazims is available in a variety pours and cans.

Some are a darker amber, while others are a lighter gold, and some are a deep amber with a golden colour.

Al Izams website offers a tasting room with plenty of space for the public to taste the beers, but if you’re looking for something more subdued, you might want to head to the restaurant.

You can also buy a bottle of the beer online, which will cost around $20.

There’s also a craft beer tasting room, located in the back of the restaurant, which has a few taps of beers on tap.

There is also a full bar, which can be a good place to grab a bite to eat, or have a pint of beer, or even have a glass of wine while you listen to the DJs spinning records.

Al Jizam also has a large selection of wine, beer, and other liquors, as the company does not sell a lot of wine in the market.

Al Islah has a menu with some of the best beers in the world, but they’re also a little on the pricey side.

Some of the beers are $10-$20 each, while other are about $10 for two.

Al Islah also offers a full menu of sandwiches, salads, and soups.

Al Alas, it’s the beer that makes Al Isla so special, and Al Isha is the brand that everyone knows.

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