How to make your dairy equipment smell better

The dairy industry is in an uproar over an anti-dairy chemical they say has caused health problems.

The chemicals are known as phthalates, and they have been used in dairy equipment since the 1980s.

But they have also been used to protect dairy workers from bacterial infections in the past.

The Canadian Dairy Association has been calling for an end to the use of the chemical, and for manufacturers to remove it from the products.

“This is a chemical that has caused the deaths of thousands of people,” said Chris LeBlanc, CEO of the Canadian Dairy Alliance.

“We know that phthalate-laden products are a major contributor to the development of bacterial diseases in animals and humans.”

“It has a lot of problems with the way that it’s being used and we’re looking to do things about it,” LeBlac said.

The chemical has been linked to birth defects, reproductive dysfunction and increased rates of breast and ovarian cancer.

It’s been linked in studies to health problems in children as young as six.

The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPAF), the nation’s largest dairy group, has called for phthalocyanates to be removed from all dairy products by the end of the year.

“The use of phthalocrate has been a significant contributing factor to the rising incidence of bacterial and fungal infections in dairy farms, and this is a matter that we will continue to pursue,” said NMPAF President and CEO Robyn Anderson.

The dairy industry says that pholates are a safe additive that is not linked to harmful side effects.

However, the National Dairy Council says that if the FDA continues to use phthalolates, it could cause a foodborne illness.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said it is considering banning phthalosiloxanes, or phthalachloromethanes, and has urged manufacturers to cease using them in food-processing and other products.

The FDA also said it will review the safety of pholate additives for food-related products.

The agency says that although they have not been linked directly to illness, they pose a potential health risk to consumers.

The NRDC is calling on the FDA to use the agency’s own data on pholacylates to determine whether phthalotoxins are safe and safe for humans.

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