How to save $100 on your new air conditioning system

Patagonia, the world’s largest outdoor gear manufacturer, is adding an all-electric system to its existing air conditioning equipment.

The Patagonias Powerhouse Air Conditioning System (PAABS) is available as a $1,100 kit and is the first time an electric system has been offered for air conditioning, according to Patagonas website.

The company says the all-in-one system, which comes with a 30-gallon tank and can be used on two different sites, will be the company’s most cost-effective way to save on air conditioning bills.

Patagona says the system will be installed in the companys Patagonese Outfitters stores in 2019 and will be available for all customers to order.

Patosair CEO Michael DeMarco said Patagones PAABS system is “designed to give you the most efficient, cost-efficient, and energy-efficient air conditioning solution available today.”

Patagoni said it will be offering a free three-month trial for customers with existing air conditioners.

Pat’s owner, The Patrons, Inc., is the biggest outdoor gear brand in the world, and it has more than 80,000 employees in 26 countries.

The chain’s Patagonist stores have seen an influx of customers in recent years due to the company changing its focus from apparel to clothing, which led to a significant drop in the cost of their products.

The retail giant also recently announced it would be launching its own apparel line, which will sell for $149 on

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