Medical News today: ‘No one will ever again see their doctor with a ‘laser printer’

A ‘lens printer’ that has the ability to produce a 3D image of an individual’s brain is coming to the US market, and its creator says it will save lives.

Medical News Today reports that the technology, called ‘BrainPrint’, has been developed by University of Michigan neuroscientist Dr. Michael Bierut.

He says it could be a powerful tool for treating serious brain injuries and helping people with aphasia.

Bierut, a professor of neurology at the university, has been developing the technology for about a year.

The technology is already being used in the clinic, and a small number of people have already received the ‘Brainprint’ in the lab, he says.

But the new product will be available to the public in the US by the end of next year.

It’s one of several new medical advances that are taking shape around the world.

A team from the University of Washington in Seattle recently announced a new version of its smartphone app called ‘Binocular,’ which can detect objects in the world and translate them into 3D images of the objects.

The company says the app will soon have over 50 million downloads.

Meanwhile, the Australian Medical Research Council (AmRC) has announced a $100 million grant to study the brain-computer interface technology called BrainPrint.

The company is also working with a small team of scientists at the University College London in the UK to develop ‘a 3D printer that can produce an image of the brain.’

The company claims it can create images of individual cells and tissues that are within 10 nanometers of each other.

The images are projected onto a computer monitor and can then be projected onto objects in 3D space.

BrainPrint was developed at the company Biofabrication, which is based in the Netherlands.

Biosfabricator CEO Theo Zijlstra told Medical News Now that the company was already working with several brain-imaging labs, and was planning to use the technology in clinical trials later this year.

Biofabricators head of research David Dank told Medical New Zealand that it was a natural progression to take a technology that has already been in clinical use and use it in a clinical setting.

Dank says that the brain is very difficult to model in a lab.

So he says the technology will allow a patient to model and manipulate the brain in real time, rather than waiting for the image to be created on the computer.

Dani Wyszcinski, head of Biofabrics’ human-computer interaction group, says the company is currently in discussions with several research institutes, and is also looking at licensing the technology to other labs.

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