How to set up a web-based app for industrial equipment recovery

Industrial equipment recovery (IRE) is an industrial supply chain management solution that allows users to manage and automate industrial equipment (IED) recovery efforts.

IREs primary purpose is to increase automation in industrial supply chains by providing automated monitoring and reporting, and enabling the management of IRE recovery efforts in the same manner as a company would with the use of an automated system.

This article will explain how to set-up an IRE web-app that enables users to monitor industrial equipment.


Install the AppThe simplest way to install an IER website is to simply run it via the command line, using a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

This can be done with the following command: npm install –save-dev  ionic-ios-app  (I recommend using Chrome if you are using Chrome).

The IER app can then be used as follows: ionic-ios -app IERI-API-Web -s https://[email protected]/index.html (where the API key is specified in the app configuration file)If you would like to use the browser, simply open the app in a new tab, and then navigate to https://[email protected] (where you provided the API Key).

The application will now automatically open in a browser, and display a menu that displays the following:Step 2: Create an IID and PasswordIn order to enable IRE clients to access the industrial equipment database, a unique identifier must be generated and stored in the IID/Password file.

The ID and password are then used to encrypt the database.

The file should be located at: /storage/myapp-data/storage/icid-password.json The ID is the string used to identify the device.

The password is used to access and authenticate to the database and access the information.

To create an ID and/or password, run the following in the command prompt: npm init –save npm iid myapp-id mypassword npm ios -app ionic-io-app -s ike-password ikeTo create an IUID and/ or password, simply run the command in the terminal: npm iuid myappid myuser-id ikePassword ikeThe IID is the name of the device to access, which must match the IERID that was generated in step 1.

To access the IUID, run this command: ionis-ios ikeIID -S myuserIdTo access the database, run: ionics-ios iidMyID -s myuseridTo authenticate with the IIS database, use this command in terminal: ionicans ikeMyID ikePW -s passwordTo access and// or authenticate the database using an SSL certificate, use the following PowerShell command in Terminal: ps axh.csh ike -S sslcert.crtTo decrypt the database with the AES algorithm, use these commands in terminal using the command: psql axh .csh psql-aes -C ssl-cert.pem -C rsa-key.pstTo access a user, run these commands: psq axh ikeUser -s userPassword -s rsaCertificateTo decrypt with the RSA algorithm, the following commands will be run: pql axh myuserUserPassword rsaKey -S passwordTo decrypt using SSL certificate using AES algorithm with the private key from step 1, use SSL certificate with AES algorithm.

Step 3: Install the IOS ClientThe next step is to install the IOUs IOS client to access an industrial equipment production server.

The IOS app is required to access IRE.

The app is located at .

To install the app, use either the following cmdlets or install-package.js to install it: npm uninstall -g npm install -g ionicios-ios If you would prefer to use a different version of the ionic.ios package, simply use the npm install command to install ionicjs-ios from the command-line.

The ionicio-ios package is required for the IRE app to work.

The following steps will install the ionics client, and configure the ionice server:Install the ionica-ios client, then configure it to access a production IRE server: ionice -server IOU-SERVER-IP-PORT-ADDRESS -p 8080-8080-5000 -p 3000-3000-3000 -t ikeStep 4: Configure the IIO ServerThe next task is to configure the IIOS server so that users can access the factory-owned IOU, and access data in the industrial inventory database.

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