“Manufacturing jobs are on the decline,” Trump says as manufacturing companies report record-low profits

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that the manufacturing industry is “on the decline” as he said the economy is not in “good shape.”

In his address to Congress, Trump also noted that manufacturing employment has been declining since 2010 and that manufacturing payrolls have dropped for three straight quarters.

The manufacturing jobs on Trump’s list are “in a number of sectors, particularly in the aerospace industry,” he said.

He noted that “some of the best-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector have been disappearing for years.”

“The jobs are in the wrong sectors,” Trump said.

“They’re in the service sector, the service industries, and the retail and hospitality industries.”

The manufacturing sector is a “major source of job creation” and “the only one that can really take care of the rising costs of our health care system,” he added.

Trump has touted the manufacturing jobs the US has created during his presidency, calling them a “big factor” in his success.

Trump also touted the jobs created in the “non-manufacturing sectors” during the address, calling it a “sign of the strength and vitality of our economy.”

Trump noted that the US is one of only two nations that produces a quarter of the world’s steel.

He also noted the number of steel mills in the US and the manufacturing workforce that has grown.

Trump said that there were “many things that are going on” in the industry, including “the great comeback of steel” and the “success of American steelmakers and their American workers.”

The US steel industry is estimated to employ around 2.4 million people.

Trump also said that “we’ve lost over 3 million factories in manufacturing since I came into office,” and added that this “was done in the name of economic growth.”

“We’re not doing anything about it,” Trump added.

“We are not doing a damn thing about it.”

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