‘This is the first time in decades’ we’ve had a nuclear plant shut down for safety reasons

A new nuclear plant in the UK has been shut down because of safety concerns.

The closure is the second time in 20 years that a nuclear facility has been closed for safety concerns, following a nuclear accident at Cumbria’s Wyre in April this year.

The plant in Oxfordshire, UK, was shut down on March 11 due to concerns about an air leak and concerns that radioactive material could escape into the air.

The plant is owned by the UK government and is a part of the UK’s nuclear safety system.

The government said the shutdown would be temporary and there were no further issues.

The company that operates the plant, EDF Energy, has said it was taking the issue of air pollution seriously and was “currently assessing” how to resolve the problem.

But the Environment Agency said that the “urgent” need for the plant to be shut down was being “resolved” because of the “high risk of an air and water leak”.

The EPA said it had advised the operator that it was “unlikely” the air leak could be prevented.

The UK government said that, following the initial investigation into the accident at Wyre, it would take further action to “mitigate any risk to the public”.

In a statement, the UK Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said: “We will work closely with the Government and other regulators to find solutions for the ongoing closure of this important nuclear power station.”

She added that she had asked the company to provide more information on the cause of the air and groundwater leak, and the amount of time the leak had been allowed to “explode”.

The closure of the plant is the latest in a string of major nuclear accidents in the United Kingdom.

In December 2016, a plant in South Wales was shut for two days after a leak from a valve, resulting in a release of radioactive materials.

The UK government has pledged to invest £10 billion to repair the damage.

In August 2017, a nuclear reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine was closed after radioactive material escaped from the plant.

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