How to flip your factory

“I was looking at my factory,” says Miguel Perez, who is a technician at a factory in the town of El Gomito.

“I saw a lot of factories and I wanted to change to something new.

So I started looking for products that would be good to sell.”

Perez’s company, Industrial Guatemala Industrial Supply Co., is one of a few that are working on industrial equipment.

Perez is looking to start a manufacturing company with his brother, who owns a clothing factory, so he can invest in machinery and equipment.

“It’s really difficult to find equipment,” Perez says.

“We can’t buy anything from the United States because we have to ship everything through Mexico.

We need to find the best equipment in the world.”

And because he’s a factory worker, Perez is working to keep his company from going out of business.

“In the beginning, we had some bad years,” he says.

Perez says he has a hard time getting a new factory job.

“The people are not good.

I can’t get a job.

They just give me money and say I will help you,” Perez explains.

Perez and his brother work hard to help their fellow workers and keep the factory running.

Perez works for a company called “El Gomita” that specializes in producing industrial equipment for clothing.

Perez started his factory as a kid and is now making clothes for his family and friends.

But Perez says his family has problems with the labor laws and taxes in Guatemala.

“They have to pay $1.50 for each garment.

It’s not enough to survive,” Perez told ABC News.

“And if we are going to keep the business, we have a lot to lose.

So we have nothing to lose.”

Perez says some of his former customers have been reluctant to purchase clothing because of the wage and taxes.

“When I saw how much they would pay for the goods, I wanted my family to be able to eat and survive,” he explains.

“But they don’t have a way to do that.”

Perez said that as long as he is here, his family will continue to survive and make clothes.

“Our main goal is to be the best and be able buy what we want,” Perez explained.

“To make our business as great as possible.”

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